After more than 25 years of experience and management with “Son Privé” and “Can Do”, GERY Meeùs, Marc Krevnak and Bastien Richir are as passionate as ever about their work. GSP2, a specialist in event technology, strives to meet its customers’ requirements by offering a flexible and responsive service with an organisation that can act quickly and according to budget.

The company’s inventory of equipment is ever changing. GSP2 works with the biggest names in event equipment, all of which is fully certified and meets the highest safety and industry standards. Quality and safety checks are regularly carried out on all of our equipment. LED technology is used as much as possible in order to reduce energy consumption and to protect the environment.

Our expertise stems from that of our founder, Géry Meeus, and his staff, who are widely recognised for their technical skills and their dedication to service. The event managers, the technicians and everyone else involved are all people who are genuinely passionate about their work. They advise and assist our customers throughout the preparation phase and the event itself.